Let’s get it out there: roof replacement in Tinley Park, Illinois, comes with a sticker shock. Once you calculate the cost of tearing down your existing roof and waste disposal, along with the labor and materials involved in the process, even the cheapest roof replacement project is likely to cost several thousand dollars.

As a cost-saving measure, many Tinley Park homeowners opt to have their new roof installed on top of their existing one, so they don’t have to pay a premium for roof removal. This is called the “layover” roof installation method.

As Chicagoland’s leading roofing contractor, we want homeowners to get the most out of their roofing projects. And that is why we are telling you that there are a host of problems with a layover installation. Here are some of the most common ones:

Leaks are not always fixed

For most Tinley Park homeowners, roof replacement is the last resort deemed necessary by the fact that their current roof does not provide adequate protection. This often means that there are leaks in the roof, possibly rotting materials, and other issues. When a new roof is installed on top of a damaged roof, the source of leakage and other damage may not always be fixed, and these issues may persist.

Wood rot will worsen

Rotten materials will only continue to rot and may affect the integrity of your new roof — particularly when wood rots under asphalt and other materials as these areas are not easy to spot unless the current roof is torn down. The layover installation further masks the rot without fixing the issue effectively. This can result in irreversible structural problems with your new roof.

Overlooking eaves, rakes, and valleys

During a new roof installation, the eaves, rakes, and valleys of your Tinley Park home are subject to damage from inclement weather. For example, ice dams, snow build up and freezing-thawing of your roof materials can easily damage the eaves. These roofing components should be properly inspected and replaced if damaged. Unfortunately, a layover installation does not always recognize this type of damage.

Furthermore, unless your current roof is torn down, there is no way of ensuring that the ice and water barrier around the perimeter of your roof and in the roof valleys is working as expected. In fact, this 3-foot wide section of your roof is usually replaced during a new installation, although this is not the case with a layover roof. Ultimately, certain elements of your roof will be outdated and may not function properly when you install a new roof over an existing one.

Roof loads become unbearable

Many building structures (especially older homes) cannot bear the weight of two roofs. If you do decide that a layover roof is your best option, make sure you discuss the load capacity of roofing structures with your Tinley Park roofing contractor.

Sacrificing roof life

Perhaps the most convincing reason not to install a new roof over an old one is life expectancy. Any honest Tinley Park roofing contractor will tell you that layover roofs have reduced serviceable lifespan by as much as 25%. A complete teardown could be more expensive at first, but when you consider the life of your roof, it could save you money over the long term.

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