There are all kinds of roofing contractors out there today — from small local operations to large national chains. When hiring a roofing contractor to work on your home, it is important that you keep your eyes open for certain qualities to ensure you are choosing the right contractor for your needs.

Not sure what to look for? That’s where we can help. Here are the top six qualities to look for in a roofing contractor in Lisle, Illinois:

1. Professionalism

Good roofing contractors are professional. You’ll want to find a roofing contractor in Lisle, Illinois who shows up on time and works neatly. If something goes wrong, or if they have an additional issue during your roof repair, they must be able to communicate with you clearly. Your roofing contractor should take measurements and have detailed information about what materials they will be using. A professional roofing contractor will also not cause any damage to your property when conducting roof repairs and will clean up after themselves as well.

2. Great Reviews

When searching for a roofing contractor in Lisle, Illinois, you are most likely going to hire someone you have not met before. You do not know their reputation or if they are trustworthy or qualified. In these situations, online reviews are your friend. Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Angi all have review pages where you can see what other people think of roofing contractors near you. Read through those pages and ask people you trust (like your friends, relatives, and coworkers) who they would recommend.

3. Warranty

Warranties are essential if you are hiring a roofing contractor because they cover any problems that might arise with your shingles and prevent you from having to pay more money down the line. A good warranty will cover both materials and labor.

4. Insurance

Performing roofing services is a risky job. To make sure you are not left footing a hefty bill after an accident and for any injuries that occur to the roofing crew on the job, you need to make sure your roofing contractor is insured. Insurance comes with certain standards and benchmarks that contractors must meet before they are issued coverage. If your potential roofing contractor cannot provide proof of insurance or show you their certificate of insurance, it might be time to move on and find someone else who meets these critical qualifications. You do not want your roof repairs or upgrades turned into financial losses.

5. Experience

A good roofing contractor is like a good surgeon — they know what they are doing and will be able to explain their processes. This is important because working with contractors can get expensive, so you want someone who has enough experience under their belt that they will be able to guide you through potential pitfalls and make sure your roof turns out looking beautiful. Otherwise, you might end up spending more than you need to or even risk getting into legal trouble if something goes wrong.

6. Reasonable Estimates

Once you find a few roofing contractors in Lisle, Illinois that meet your requirements, it is time to interview them face-to-face and ask for estimates. Comparing the estimates will help you narrow down your choice.

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