Most residential roofs are built to thrive for decades, unfortunately, they don’t perform the same way as time passes. Your roof’s performance will most likely vary due to age, weather changes, and other relevant factors.

These changes may lead to a decline in functionality, which is why roofing inspections and repairs are often necessary. If left ignored, your home could end up with water leaks and costly water damage. 

To help you avoid serious damage to your home, this roofing company in Downers Grove, Illinois is going to provide some insights that will help you determine whether you should repair or replace your roof.

Know These Warning Signs Beforehand

Paying attention to details will help you identify any warning signs that need action. Here are some factors to help you check if your Downers Grove roof needs a repair or a replacement:

  • Are there visible cracks, curling or missing shingles?
  • Is there a build-up of moss or algae?
  • Check for discoloration or rot
  • Are shingle granules found in the gutter?
  • Is sunlight passing through from the attic?
  • Are there leaks inside the house?
  • Do you notice an obvious sagging roof?

Once you spot the damages, you can evaluate what restorations should be done. Fixing your roof doesn’t necessarily mean that every area needs to be touched. 

Knowing your roof age can be a determining element, too. Most roofs have a long lifespan, but if it’s older than 20 years, it may be time to get it fixed or replaced. 

Roof Repair

For minor damages, repair should be enough. It is relatively easy and doesn’t cost much. One notable sign that it’s time for a roof repair is when you see signs of buckling. This problem can trigger further issues like clogging. When you see that your shingles look curled or bent, it’s time to contact a Downers Grove, Illinois roofing expert.

Roof Patch

This one involves fixing minor issues that you can identify right away. Issues such as discoloration or loose nails due to a bad storm and minor leaks. Most leaks can be fixed by patching, but it still depends on the degree of leaking and area of leakage. 

Shingles that bend upward are a sign that they need to be changed. Exposed edges can be sealed using new shingles that are straightened and coated with asphalt roof cement. 

Roof Replacement

After a thorough roof inspection, your hired roofers should be able to decide if your Downers Grove, Illinois roof needs a full replacement. You can also do the inspection yourself, but first, make sure that the roof is cleaned. Once you get rid of dark streaks, you’ll be able to see the damages and assess them. 

Roof replacement is necessary if damages are wide, or if most of the roof is affected. Remember that putting off a roof replacement can cause additional structural damage in the future. Therefore, having your roof replaced as soon as you identify problems will save you trouble and money in the long run.

Enjoy The Benefits of Your New Roof

The choice of whether you want to have your roof repaired, patched, or replaced altogether should depend on the extent and severity of damages you or your Downers Grove, Illinois roofing contractor find. In addition, you should consider the aesthetics of your roofing and your available budget. 

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