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Most homeowners’ insurance policies offer some level of protection for your roof — but most policies only cover specific risks, and they may only result in a replacement under the right circumstances. In other words, most insurance companies will not cover the cost of replacing your roof just because it has reached the end of its useful life, or because it’s leaking, for example.

As the most trusted roof replacement company in Oak Forest, Illinois, we have been helping homeowners throughout the area understand how their homeowners’ insurance policy applies to their roof. To that end, we’re going to provide some information below that will help you determine whether your insurance company is likely to cover the cost of a new roof.

When does homeowners’ insurance cover the cost of a new roof?

For your house insurance to cover the cost of a new roof, your roof must have been severely damaged by extreme weather. Examples of extreme weather include straight-line winds during severe thunderstorms, hailstorms, ice storms, tornadoes, and heavy snow or blizzards.

Your homeowners’ insurance will also cover any roof damage caused by tree branches and limbs broken off by intense storms. If your roof has sustained significant damage, there should be no doubt that your insurance will cover the cost of replacing it.

There’s one thing to note here: whether your roof is worthy of a complete replacement is determined by what the insurance adjuster observes during their inspection. With that said, you should be able to get your homeowners’ insurance to cover the cost of a new roof if the roof damage was caused by extreme weather.

Four things you should keep in mind

So, now you know when your homeowners’ insurance will cover the cost of a roof replacement. If you believe your roof is qualified for a replacement, you are ready to call your insurance company. But first, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  1. When you file an insurance claim to replace your storm-damaged roof, a lot happens behind the scenes — and each step in the process takes time. Knowing this from the outset can help you understand why it is taking longer than expected for your insurance company to replace your roof.

2. When you contact your insurance company about your claim, they will either send an adjuster to your home or ask you to contact a local roof replacement company in Oak Forest for a roof inspection. However, while a roofing company can photograph storm damage as proof, only an insurance adjuster can approve the claim.

3. If a roofing company attempts to coerce or intimidate you into signing something before inspecting your roof, they are likely trying to bind you to a contract before your claim is even approved. If you do that, you have already sold them your roof before determining whether they are a trustworthy roof replacement company in Oak Forest, Illinois.

4. You can hire any roofing company near you once your claim has been approved. All you need to do is make sure they have worked on insurance claims before. An experienced roofing company can not only guide you through the process, review your claim, supplement any missing details, and complete the replacement in compliance with the insurance company, but they can also protect you from unknowingly committing insurance fraud.

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