Roof replacement in Bolingbrook, Illinois may sound like a simple process, and that is true to a large extent — especially when you’re working with a reliable roofing contractor. Nevertheless, certain steps need to be taken to ensure that everything is done properly.

While most roof replacement companies in Bolingbrook, Illinois will explain the details to you before any work begins, it’s still important to be knowledgeable about the process. Having a clear understanding of the process will give you peace of mind.

Here is how the roof replacement process should go:

1. Move Vehicles and Other Potential Obstacles Out of the Way

Before getting started, the area should be cleared of all obstacles, especially vehicles. It is recommended that you move any vehicles and other obstacles that may be in the way the day before the installation.

2. Protect the Vulnerable Features Around the Work Area

While you can move your car out of the work area, it is not possible to uproot bushes or move landscaping features. Still, there are ways to protect these.

Most roofing companies in Bolingbrook set up protective materials like tarps around the area, including the foliage and the pool, if you have one. It is also a good idea to cover your attic with plastic to ensure that dust and debris do not get in.

3. Remove the Old Roof

Once all materials are set up, the contractor will start tearing your old roof off. Most roofing contractors in Bolingbrook do this by sections, starting at the part of the roof that is farthest from the driveway and dump trailer.

Once a section of the old roof is cleared, some members of the team start installing the new roof while the others go on removing the remaining sections. Doing this saves time and ensures that foot traffic on your roof is not too concentrated in certain areas.

They will start with the underlayment then install the drip edge. If the weather allows it, they will move on with the starter shingles and the next shingles. If enough sections are removed, they can also install the ridge capping.

4. Clean Out the Gutters

A lot of dust and debris will be released while your old roof is being removed, and there is a good chance that many of them will end up in the gutter. If they are not cleaned after the roof replacement process, they could block the gutter and damage your roof later.

To prevent this from happening, some of the contractors will start cleaning your gutter out after removing the old roof while the others continue installing new roofing materials.

5. Finish Installing the New Roof

After removing the old roof and cleaning out the gutter, all the contractors can focus on installing the new roof. They will continue doing this in sections following the systematic way that the old roof was removed. If you see the contractors install the roof’s vents, they are almost done. 

6. Clean Up the Work Area

With your new roof complete, the contractors will start cleaning the whole area. They often use blowers to clear all the debris from your roof and gutters and blast them to the tarps previously set up.

Once your roof is complete, the contractors will move on to the ground and remove all the dirt, tarps, and materials used for the project. They even have a magnetic tool that will remove all the nails and other sharp metallic objects.

7. Final Inspection

At this point, the project is basically finished. Most roof replacement contractors in Bolingbrook, Illinois will do a final inspection of the whole area to make sure that they did not miss anything. It might be a good idea for you to join in.

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Your home’s roof is more than an investment. It protects your family and keeps you safe from the elements. If the time comes for you to replace it, you’ll want to make sure that everything is handled properly.

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