One part of a home that should never be taken for granted is the roof. It’s important for homeowners to perform regular roof inspections — ideally at the beginning of each season. Identifying roofing issues that need to be addressed should be a priority, as it can help you avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Even if you take great care of your roof, there will eventually come a time when it needs to be replaced. However, a roof replacement is not a simple task — and with the Midwest climate, timing is everything. Below, this roof replacement company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois is going to explain the best time to have your roof replaced.


According to most roofing contractors in Clarendon Hills, summer is their busiest time of the year. This is because the weather stays consistent and warm enough for materials and tools to function. Most homeowners prefer to schedule their roof replacements around this time.

Roof replacements are more frequent during late spring to early summer. In most climates, the rainy season ends and extreme heat sets in the latter part of the summer season.

One disadvantage that Clarendon Hills homeowners may encounter when booking during this season is that there will be an increase in the volume of people trying to secure a schedule for roof replacement. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to an increase in prices.


If you look up “best time of the year for roof replacements” on the internet, most answers will give you this season.

The mix of cool temperature and stable weather makes it ideal to do roofing. Installation is easier because of the mild weather, and shingles can be sealed effectively.

Autumn is also considered a peak season for roofing contractors. It could take a little longer to reserve a slot.


For obvious reasons, winter is not the ideal time to have your Clarendon Hills roof replacement done. The cold temperature, snow, and ice make roof installations dangerous. Not to mention that materials harden and are brittle during this time due to the weather.

Shingles need thermal sealing to set effectively, which can be easily achieved during warmer weather, but it can take many weeks when done during colder temperatures. Cold weather can also cause shingles to break or crack during installation. 

One advantage of getting the roof replaced during this time is the possibility of getting a good deal because of the decrease in most roofing contractors’ appointments. It is possible to have it done during winter, as long as your roofers know what needs to be done and take extra precautions.


Since the winter harshness is slowly fading, most people start thinking of home renovations that need to be taken care of. Those who experienced leaks, cave-ins, or drafts during winter probably consider getting their roof fixed during this season.

In most areas, including Clarendon Hills, Illinois, springtime is a good time for a roof replacement. It is also considered the off-peak season, so if you want to avoid getting late appointments or re-schedules, spring is the best time to book an appointment with your roofing contractors.

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