As a homeowner in Palos Park, Illinois, protecting the structural integrity of your roofing system should be a high priority.

As soon as your roof starts showing signs of storm damage, it is wise to contact a company that specializes in roofing repairs in the Palos Park, Illinois area. Professional roofers will be able to locate the source of the damage and perform any repairs as needed. The sooner you catch a post-storm roof problem and deal with it, the less costly and less invasive the repair process will be.

Since most Palos Park homeowners are not roofing experts, it is common to have many questions and concerns when it comes to the roof repair process. With that in mind, we are going to answer five of the most frequently asked questions about storm damage roof repair to help you gain a better understanding of your roofing system’s needs after a harsh storm.

Question 1: If there is only minimal storm damage, do I still have to repair my roof?

Yes — no matter the size and severity of the storm damage, you should absolutely have it fixed to protect the structural integrity of your roofing system. Choosing to ignoring minor roofing damages can lead to more costly issues down the road, such as water damage.

Question 2: If I file a roof repair claim, will my insurance carrier drop me?

No — since storm damage is pretty much entirely out of your control, it is highly unlikely that your homeowner’s insurance carrier will drop your policy. It is, in fact, illegal for them to do so in the State of Illinois.

There may be exceptions to this rule, but the insurance policy will not be terminated for filing a storm damage repair claim in most cases.

Question 3: If I file a roof repair claim, will my insurance carrier increase my premiums?

Yes — it is not uncommon for insurance carriers to raise premiums across the board after a major storm or natural disaster.

Question 4: Could my roof be damaged even if all the shingles are still intact?

It very well could. Missing shingles are NOT the only sign of storm damage. A severe storm can cause all kinds of roofing problems — some of which may be pretty much impossible to detect at first glance. Therefore, it is important to understand that your roof might still have taken on damage in a severe storm, even though it looks to be in the same condition as before.

Question 5: Can I repair storm damage from years ago?

Yes — you can have your roof repaired at any time, regardless of age or condition. That being said, the time and money it takes to repair storm damage from years ago will likely be higher, and there is a chance that you may need to replace your entire roofing system. The problem here is filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance provider. Depending on how much time has passed, they may not cover the repairs. Of course, this differs from case to case.

If you have any other questions about storm damage roof repairs in Palos Park, get in touch with our experts today!

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