When you need to repair your roof, it is important to consider all the factors that will influence the cost of this service before making your final decision about whether a particular contractor is worth hiring. Not sure what factors you should consider? That’s where we can help. As the most trusted roof repair contractor in Plainfield, Illinois, we want to help you understand what those factors are and how you can use them to your advantage when considering various options for repairing or replacing your roof.

Here are five ways the cost of a roof repair can be influenced…

The Size of the Roof

The size and complexity of your roof is one factor that affects the cost. The size and complexity also determine how many crew members will be needed to complete the job. The more people you hire, the higher your costs will go. A larger roof may also require your roof repair contractor in Plainfield, Illinois to setup scaffolding, which increases expenses even further. A larger roof is also likely to require more supplies. For example, you are probably going to need more shingles, depending on your roof material. More shingles equal higher costs.

The Age of the Roof

The age of your roof is one factor that will likely affect the cost. The longer your roof has been on, the more wear and tear there will be. If you have an older roof, it will likely need to be repaired or replaced sooner than a newer one would.

The Type of Material Used

It is not easy to pinpoint a cost for a roof repair without knowing what type of material is used. For example, if you were to decide to have cedar shingles installed on your roof, you would find it to be more expensive than if you had asphalt shingles installed. The same goes for metal roofs and wood shakes.

The Extent of Damage

The extent of damage a roof suffers influences how much it will cost to repair. The more extensive the damage, the higher the cost. For example, if there is water damage or mold, it will cost more for repairs than if only one section of shingles is damaged. Similarly, if you are only looking to patch holes on your roof, you can expect to pay less than if you need a complete tear-off and replacement.

The Roofer

The level of expertise and experience that your roof repair contractor in Plainfield, Illinois, has will have an impact on how much it costs. Roofing contractors with more experience and who specialize in roofing will cost you more than someone with less experience, or very little experience. Remember: you get what you pay for. Hire a reputable contractor instead of a “fly-by-night” contractor to ensure your roof is fixed correctly and to avoid expensive fixes down the line. 

Final Thoughts

There are many factors that influence the cost of a roof repair. To get the most value out of your investment, you’ll want to be aware of them all before beginning repairs. The size and age of the roof, the types of materials used, the extent of roof damage, and the location can all affect the overall price you end up paying when working with a professional roof repair contractor in Plainfield, Illinois.

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