As a homeowner, it’s important to stay up to date with maintenance and repairs to keep your house in order. However, the one area that many homeowners tend to neglect is the roof. If you do not pay attention to your roof, you could end up with costly repairs or potential total roof replacement.

Knowing when it’s time for a roof repair in Winfield, Illinois is crucial to prevent problems from becoming more severe. If you ignore the telltale signs, you may end up spending much more on repairs down the line. Rather than waiting for an obvious sign to present itself, here are some signs that can help you determine when it’s time to call a roof repair specialist in Winfield.

Damaged or Wet Shingles

Shingles typically last at least 20 years or more if they are maintained properly. If you notice any cracks, curls, dents, or missing granules, you likely need to get some repairs done. In worse cases, you may even need to get your roof replaced, so it is best to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Similarly, wet shingles may not seem like a cause of concern, but this is an indication that your roof is trapping moisture. When this happens, your roof’s insulation becomes less effective, potentially spiking energy bills. Likewise, moisture can accelerate decay and damage to your shingles.

Sagging Areas

Another visible sign that you need a roof repair in Winfield, Illinois is sagging or drooping areas. Similar to the first issue, a sagging deck may be caused by moisture, which can be detrimental to your roof. If the problem is contained in a particular area, you may be able to fix it with repairs. Otherwise, you might have to replace your entire roof.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed a sudden spike in your electric bills in Winfield, Illinois and you are not sure why? If you haven’t made any drastic changes with your energy consumption, it is highly possible that your roof is the culprit. A hole in your roof can cause excess warm or cool air to enter your home, prompting your HVAC system to work harder and consume more energy. Getting it repaired immediately is crucial to avoid high bills.

Shingle Granules in Gutter

Composite and asphalt shingle roofs contain granules that can gradually come off as the shingles age. While this is normal, aging shingles or hail storms in Winfield, Illinois, may cause granules to accumulate excessively and clog up your gutter. The granules look like black sand, so if you spot piles of them in your gutter, you may need to get your roof checked and fixed.

Stains on Ceilings and Walls

Wall ceilings stains may be caused by many factors, but one reason would be water stains caused by some form of leak in your roof. These stains may indicate a problem with your roof underlayment or the presence of a hole that is causing water to enter your home. Depending on the severity of the issue, some cases may require a roof replacement in Winfield, Illinois.

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