Roof repair company in Hickory Hills, Illinois

A leaky roof is one of the biggest problems you may be faced with as a homeowner. To avoid a much larger issue down the road, the moment you notice the first signs of a leak, you should contact your local roofing contractor to have it repaired.

While it may be tempting for you to try to fix a leak yourself, missing one step or making one small mistake could end up costing you more time, money, and effort in the long run. To give you more perspective on the matter, this roof repair company in Hickory Hills, Illinois is going to review the steps involved in repairing a leaky roof below.

Locate the Roof Leak

Start by inspecting the lowest point of the roof leak, usually the ceiling, then slowly work your way up. Common sources of leaks would be the ceiling, roof vents, or shingles, so a ladder will be needed for access. A good way to find leaks would be to look for areas that may be stained black or white in your home in Hickory Hills, Illinois.

Examine and Repair Roof Vents

If the leak is coming from your roof vent, you need to remove the cracked or damaged vent and replace it with a new one. Use a pry bar to pull out the nails securing the shingles to your vent. Be careful not to damage the shingles in the process since you just want to remove the vent. After, apply some sealant to the vent’s flashing and nail down the new vent to secure it in place.

Remove Old Shingles

Alternatively, if the leak is coming from your decking in Hickory Hills, Illinois, you need to remove the old shingles to reach the faulty area. Much like how you remove a roof vent, you can use a pry bar to remove the nails and pull out the shingles slowly.

In most cases, roofs will have an underlayment, or a thin sheet placed between the shingles and decking for added protection. With a utility knife, cut out the underlayment and set aside any pieces that you can salvage.

Cut and Replace Damaged Deck

Once you reach the damaged section, cut out the patch of decking and remove it carefully. Then, replace it with a new deck patch and nail this securely onto your roof in Hickory Hills, Illinois.

Add New Shingles

Add in your new shingles gradually by installing the bottom row first then slowly filling in the missing spots. Go down to up, left to right for better organization while working. After laying the shingles, use some cement and nail down the top of the shingles to ensure they are stable. For the last part, slide the new shingles under the topmost row.

As you can see, repairing a leaky roof is no easy job. Given the specialized tools, skills, and knowledge to do each step correctly, it can be easy to make a mistake and compromise the quality of your roof. The last thing you want is to make the damage worse and spend more on your roof repair in Hickory Hills. Illinois.

Looking for a Roof Repair Company in Hickory Hills, Illinois?

If you are dealing with a leaky roof at your home, you shouldn’t wait to call a professional roofer to fix the problem. The longer you leave it unattended, the worse the problem will become. No matter how big or small the issue may be, you should always look for a licensed roofing company in Hickory Hills to get the job done right.

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