If you think you might be dealing with a roof leak, it’s always best to call your local roof repair company in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. They will have the skills and equipment needed to find the source of the issue and repair it.

With that said, being able to spot leaks and fix minor roofing damages yourself can still come in handy, and we have all the information you’ll need to get the job done right. Here are some tips to keep in mind when checking your roof for damage:

How to Find Sneaky Roof Leaks

It is fairly easy to detect a water leak in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. All you have to do is look for water stains across the ceilings and down the walls. The hard part is finding the source of the leak.

Start by tracing your way upwards from the stain and looking for any entry points like plumbing, vents, chimneys, and dormers.  

If you can’t see the source, try simulating the rain by soaking the roof with a garden hose. While you do this, you must have someone else inside the house looking for signs of dripping. Once it starts to drip, it might be easier to locate the source.

How to Fix Plumbing Vent Boots

If the plumbing vent boot is made of plastic, check for cracks. If it has metal components, check the base for broken seams. You might have to replace the boot if you see either. However, if the boot is intact, you might get away with just replacing the nails with rubber-washer screws.

How to Fix Roof Vents

Fixing a roof vent in Glen Ellyn, Illinois is similar to fixing a plumbing vent. If there are cracks on the plastic or seams on the metal, you’re better off replacing it. If there are any missing or pulled nails, replace them with screws with rubber washers. 

How to Fix Dormer Walls

Dormer walls are susceptible to water dribbling its way into the roof. It can be caused by cracked or missing caulk between the corner boards, window edges, or siding.

If you are doubtful about any of the caulk you see, replace it with new. If the caulk looks fine, you might have to dig around with a putty knife to verify if the area is sealed. Replace missing or rotted sidings if you see any. 

How to Fix Leaks from Brick Chimneys

Brick chimneys can be problematic when it comes to waterproofing your roof. The flashing around the chimney can get rusted, especially if galvanized steel is used. The 90-degree bend at the bottom is especially vulnerable.

In some cases, you can fix the problem by inserting new flashing under the rusted one. If this is not possible, you might have to cut into the chimney mortar and install new flashing.

When to Use Caulk

While using caulk might provide an easy way out, you must resist the temptation of using this quick fix every time. More often than not, it is better to repair or replace damaged flashing instead of using this or any other type of leak stopper. The best time to use caulk is when fixing very small holes.

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