Even the most minor roof leak can cause severe damage to your Downers Grove home. Unfortunately, if a leak is not repaired on time, it can lead to mold growth — which is not only unsightly, but also detrimental to your health. That is why finding the source of your roof leak and fixing it as soon as possible should be your top priority.

Below, this roof repair company in Downers Grove, Illinois is going to outline the steps you should take to find and repair a roof leak quickly:

Step 1: Keep an eye out for the first signs of a roof leak.

The sight and sound of dripping water are often the first indicators of a roof leak. However, whether it is raining or not, there are other telltale signs you are likely to notice. These include:

  • Musty smells in the home
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Stains on exterior surfaces
  • Drywall bulge
  • Missing or damaged shingles

Any of these signs can indicate the need to contact a roof repair company in Downers Grove, Illinois. Unfortunately, the first area where you notice it may not be the source of the leak. You will need to do a thorough investigation for that.

Step 2: Inspect your attic.

The next step in identifying a roof leak is to crawl into your attic with a flashlight. To avoid putting a hole through your ceiling, watch where you step. Look for mold, water stains, or black spots on the rafters and roof sheathing.

How to locate a roof leak with no attic?

If you live in a townhouse or other building without an attic, first inspect your roof for signs of damage

Small water stains can be caused by exposed nail heads in some cases. When moisture rising through the floors meets the cold air in the attic, it condenses on the nail at night and melts when it heats up during the day. This can be easily fixed by clipping the nail below the head using pliers.

Step 3: Make it rain.

If a quick inspection fails to reveal your roof leak, ask someone to stay inside the house near where you first spotted the leak. Then, climb up on your roof and soak one section of your roof at a time with a garden hose. Ask your helper to shout as soon as they see a drip.

Slowly move from one section of the roof to the next, spending several minutes in each. This will help determine the source of your roof leak.

Step 4: Make necessary repairs. 

Depending on where the leak is located, there are some potential fixes you can perform yourself — assuming you have the necessary tools and knowledge. Common ways to stop a roof leak include replacing damaged shingles, reapplying caulk around chimneys, vents and window edges, and fixing plumbing vent boots.

If the issue is more complicated than a simple DIY fix or involves serious structural damage to your roof, you can always contact a professional roof repair company in Downers Grove, Illinois. They can determine the extent of your roof leak and provide repair estimates. Roof flashing replacement, heat cable installation, and complete roof replacement may be solutions to more complex roofing problems.

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