If you live in an area that is prone to high winds, chances are, your roof has suffered wind damage at one point or another. While it may seem easy to spot signs of physical damage to your roof, some more-subtle indications are often overlooked until the problem becomes more serious and costly down the road.

To help you avoid this, this roof repair company in Darien, Illinois is going to review the top five signs of wind damage below.

1. Visible Dents

It is common for metal roofs to develop small dents over time. However, if you see a dent that looks like it was caused by something other than age and wear, your roof might have suffered from wind damage. More specifically, a large dent that extends through two panels of metal may be due to high winds.

To prevent future wind damage or leaks, your roof repair company in Darien, Illinois may suggest upgrading your shingles with weather-resistant material such as fiberglass or TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin). Many Darien homeowners report significant savings on their annual heating and cooling bills after installing these materials — and they even come in a stunning range of colors.

2. Sunken Areas

If your roof appears to be sitting lower than it did before, then there is a good chance that your roof has suffered wind damage. To know for sure, look at your gutters; if they are filled with debris and not draining properly, it may indicate that one of your shingles has been torn off by strong winds. Otherwise, it could just mean you have poor drainage.

Either way, gutter cleaning is something any roof repair company in Darien, Illinois will recommend once every year or two. It can help prevent water buildup around your Darien home and lead to less damage over time, as well as increased energy efficiency in cooler months because heat will not have trouble escaping from inside due to ice dams building up on roofs.

3. Eroded Flashing

During storms, winds can erode areas of your roof’s flashing. Over time, loose flashing or eroded areas on a roof that are not caught and repaired early on can lead to leaks. The presence of water pooling in specific areas of your Darien home can indicate structural damage that may have resulted from windy weather and heavy rain.

Check for signs of pooled water by walking around your home, and keep an eye out for discolored ceilings, sagging tiles, or popcorn ceilings. If you notice these telltale signs, start inspecting your roof immediately. If you spot any damage, it is crucial to fix it as soon as possible before further issues arise.

4. Missing Shingles

Check for missing shingles by walking around your home on a nice, sunny day and looking for areas that are unusually bright compared to other spots. That might mean you have holes or thin spots in your roof, allowing water through where it should not be.

If you think you see a hole, take a closer look — if there is no sign of any damage, but something looks off, you should get in touch with a roof repair company in Darien, Illinois. And make sure that when you hire someone — for any repair work — you get in writing what they plan to do (and how much they will charge). The last thing you want is an emergency repair job that ends up being pricey or unnecessary.

5. Curled Shingles

If you have noticed your shingles curling upwards or buckling, your roof might have wind damage. This can happen when strong winds start peeling away your shingles and exposing some of your roof’s plywood. This can cause many problems for your roof down the road — in fact, damaged shingles could eventually lead to leaks and water damage inside your Darien home. If you notice curling in any direction, it is best to call a professional right away so they can fix it before further damage occurs.

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