Most homeowners in Batavia are unaware of the extent of damage their roof sustains over time. While repairs can be done to improve the quality of your roof, in some cases, they might not be enough. Depending on how badly your roof has been ravaged by one or more of the elements, you may need to have it replaced altogether.

Are you interested in learning about how the various elements in the Batavia area can impact your roof? This roof repair company in Batavia, Illinois is going to explain below.

Rain, Snow, and Ice 

Moisture is your roof’s worst enemy — and unfortunately, it is always present in the air. When moisture leaks through your roof, it can cause structural damage to your Batavia home. It can also lead to mold and mildew growth, wood rot, and damage to the attic insulation.

Rain is the most common source of moisture problems. However, melting snow can re-freeze and form ice dams — and ice dams prevent water from draining down your gutters, causing it to back up under your roofing materials. Water can break into your home through your ceiling due to these forced leaks. If you notice a leak, we recommend calling a roof repair company in Batavia, Illinois immediately to ensure that your repair expenses are kept as low as possible.


The wind is never in short supply and the damage it can inflict on your roof is often catastrophic. Roof shingles can get lifted and pulled away from your roof by the wind, exposing the underlayment underneath. Your roof may start leaking if the underlayment is exposed, as there are no shingles to repel the water.

In most cases, the edges of your roof are the areas that suffer the most damage from wind — although wind damage can occur anywhere on your roof. If you need to have your roof inspected following a windstorm, your local roof repair company in Batavia, Illinois can help.


Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet UV rays and everyday heat can cause your shingles to get damaged and come apart. Sometimes the sun can cause your shingles to fade and deteriorate to the point where they are no longer effective at protecting your Batavia home from the elements.

You should contact a local roof repair company in Batavia, Illinois for a free roof inspection if your roof has been damaged by the sun.

Lichen and Moss

Lichen is a slow-growing plant that appears as a crusty growth on your roof. Moss looks softer than lichen, yet it is still a growing plant that intrudes into areas where it is not wanted.

If you notice lichen or moss growing on your roof, you should be aware that both organisms can cause dry rot (or brown rot) and structural damage.

Overgrown Trees 

Even if a tree limb does not fall on your roof, overhanging branches can cause significant damage to your Batavia property.

The damage is often second-hand, such as when leaves pile up on the roof and trap moisture, creating the ideal conditions for mold to grow. Other times, the damage is first-hand, such as when a branch punctures through the shingles and creates a pathway for water to enter your home’s structure.

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