Roof repair company in Aurora Illinois

It’s understandable for an Aurora homeowner to want to repair their own roof. Many homeowners assume that DIY roof repairs can save them time and money — or can they?

Roof repairs can be extremely dangerous for untrained or inexperienced people. Professional roofing contractors in Aurora, Illinois spend countless hours training their crew to work safely and use the proper fall protection equipment. Most homeowners do not have the training or tools required to safely repair their roofs.

Below, this roof repair company in Aurora, Illinois is going to explain why it’s better to hire the professionals than attempt a DIY roof repair.

Ladders can cause falls that result in serious injury or even death.

The risk of serious bodily injury is reason enough not to attempt any DIY roof repairs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 500,000 people suffer injuries climbing ladders every year — with 300 of these injuries being fatal. Also, 97% of ladder-related injuries occurred in non-occupational settings.

Common causes of ladder falls

  • Selecting the wrong ladder for the job: Each ladder is built to support a specific weight and for a particular job. If you are a homeowner using a ladder that is too short, was designed for a different task, or is not strong enough to support your weight, you could be putting yourself in harm’s way. When you hire a professional roof repair company in Aurora, Illinois, you can be confident that the ladders they use are purpose-built for the job.
  • Using frayed or badly worn ladders: If your ladder is old, poorly maintained, missing components, has loose parts, or has compromised integrity, you may be putting yourself in danger by using it.
  • Incorrect use of ladders: Many Aurora homeowners do not know how to use a ladder safely. Keep the ‘three points of contact’ rule in mind to prevent falls — when climbing or descending ladders, maintain contact with both feet and one hand, or both hands and one foot.
  • Incorrect placement of ladders: Make sure the ground is level and firm when setting up a ladder on the ground. We also recommend having a helper support the base of the ladder while you are using it.

Simply put, the best way to avoid ladder injuries is to not use a ladder. Instead of doing your own roof repairs, it’s best to hire a reputable roof repair contractor in Aurora, Illinois who can safely access your roof and handle the repairs for you.

Other benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor

  • When you hire a professional roofing contractor in Aurora, you can rest assured that the repairs will be done correctly.
  • Roofing contractors have the required tools and skills to perform roof repairs safely and efficiently.
  • Hiring a professional contractor may save you more money than you realize. Remember, if you hire a professional, you will not have to buy a roof ladder, safety equipment, or tools such as roofing nail guns, hammer tacker stapler, hammer or hatchet, air compressor, roofing blade, or roofing shovel/shingle tear-off tool.

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