Your roof is one of the most important parts of your Winfield home, which is why it’s important for homeowners to do everything they can to make sure it remains in good shape.

Unfortunately, roofs sometimes take on damage without homeowners realizing. While a leaky roof, for example, is an obvious sign that your roof is damaged, there are some unconventional signs that could indicate an issue with your roof as well. This residential roofing company in Winfield, Illinois is going to discuss three not-so-obvious signs that your roof might be damaged without you realizing.


Mice and squirrels are particularly notorious for chewing through shingles and siding to gain access to attics and other areas of the home. Once inside, they can cause extensive damage by nesting and chewing through insulation, wiring, and other materials.

Bats can also be a concern when it comes to roof damage. They are known to make their way into homes through holes in the roof and can even burrow under shingles. This can weaken the structure of your roof, making it more vulnerable to further damage from wind and weather. Bats can also bring parasites, viruses, and other health hazards into your home. 

Finally, birds can also cause damage to your roof. Large birds like crows, ravens, and vultures are especially adept at finding weak spots in roofs and can create even larger holes with their sharp beaks. This not only makes your roof more susceptible to leaks but can also allow other animals or debris to get into your attic space.

It is important to stay alert to any signs of animal activity around your property. Scheduling regular inspections with a residential roofing company in Winfield, Illinois can help you identify any weak spots in your roof before critters find their way in.

Tree Limbs

The best way to protect your roof from falling tree limbs is to make sure you regularly inspect the trees around your home and trim away any branches that are getting too close. Your residential roofing company in Winfield, Illinois will recommend looking for dead, dying, or diseased branches that could easily break and fall onto your roof. Additionally, investing in a gutter protection system can help catch any leaves or debris that may build up and weigh down branches.

If you spot a branch close to or in contact with your roof, don’t attempt to remove it yourself. Call a professional tree removal service with the proper safety equipment and experience to take care of the problem safely and effectively.

Taking proactive steps like these can help prevent costly damages to your roof caused by tree limbs. 

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation can lead to moisture and mold growth, ultimately weakening the roof’s structural integrity.

To ensure your roof is properly ventilated, ensure there are vents in the correct areas. These vents will allow heat and moisture to escape, keeping the attic and roof cool and dry. They can also prevent ice damming in the winter months. These vents should be installed near the eaves or gables of your home, allowing for proper airflow. The number and size of vents will depend on the size and shape of your roof. 

If you suspect your roof may not be properly ventilated, it is important to contact a residential roofing company in Winfield, Illinois. Professional roofers can inspect your roof and advise on how to properly ventilate the space. 

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