As a property owner, it would be great if commercial roofs lasted forever. There’s no doubt that it would relieve a lot of stress and hassle if they did. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever — and commercial roofs are no exception. No matter how well you maintain your commercial roof, it will eventually fail.

There are several reasons why your commercial roof may fail, and we believe it’s important that all building owners and property managers know what they are. This commercial roofing company in Lisle, Illinois is going to review six of the most common reasons commercial roofs fail.

Poor workmanship

Poor workmanship is one of the primary reasons for roofing failures — particularly on newly installed roofs. Anyone can claim that they are a commercial roofer, but that does not mean they have the qualifications, licenses, or training needed to back up their claims. When looking for a commercial roofing company in Lisle, Illinois, it’s important that you carefully vet your options and check their qualifications before deciding. Only then can you be confident that you will be working with the most qualified professional.

Failure to perform routine roof inspections and maintenance

With everything that property managers have on their plates, remembering to schedule bi-annual or quarterly inspections with a commercial roofing company in Lisle, Illinois can be tricky. However, your roof is one thing you do not want to neglect. Forgetting to schedule commercial roof inspection and delaying necessary repairs by even a few weeks can turn a minor problem into a severe (more expensive) one. Therefore, it’s important to schedule your roof inspections and any repair work ahead of time to ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.

Exposure to the elements

The purpose of your roof is to protect your commercial building interior from the elements. Your roof will naturally be subjected to harsh weather, heat, and UV radiation, all of which can cause it to fail over time. This is another reason it is crucial to keep up with regular roof inspections.

Ignoring roofing issues while they are still small

It is a basic instinct to ignore a minor issue until it becomes a serious one — if it is not affecting your day-to-day life, why fix it? Though we understand the temptation, failing to address your roofing issues can lead to failure. A minor, repairable leak today could result in a total ceiling collapse in a month. Save yourself the trouble by resolving any issues as soon as they arise.

Water damage

There are a few different ways that water damage can manifest itself. It can result in leaking ceilings, water leaks in walls, mold, mildew, wood rot, and a host of other problems. This water damage can quickly lead to complete roof failure if not identified early enough. We recommend scheduling an emergency inspection with a commercial roofing company in Lisle, Illinois as soon as you detect water damage at your commercial property.

Age of the roof.

As we mentioned earlier, nothing lasts forever, including your commercial roof. Failure is more likely to happen when your commercial roof reaches the age of 20, 25, or 30 years, depending on your climate. When this happens, you should work with your Lisle commercial roofing contractor to create a replacement plan.

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