After a week of rainfall, most Hinsdale homeowners are happy when the clouds finally break, and the sun comes out. Bear in mind, though, that these storms sometimes cause severe damage to your roof — either from hail or from high winds.

If you believe that your roof may have been damaged by high winds, then it’s best to contact a professional roofing repair company in Hinsdale, Illinois. They will be able to look for any signs of damage and make the necessary repairs. Are you interested in learning more about the process? We are going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

There is a risk of wind damage to your home.

Your home in Hinsdale could also sustain damage to its structure from the wind itself. Roofing shingles are susceptible to tearing or blowing off when there is high wind. Even newly installed shingles that are properly secured could tear away in high wind conditions. Other forms of damage caused by wind include those caused by falling debris, such as tree limbs and downed power lines.

How to identify whether the wind has damaged your roof?

If you have recently experienced winds of 45 mph or more, you should call a roofing repair company in Hinsdale, Illinois and have them inspect your roof for some of the common signs of damage. These signs include:

  • Granule loss: Granules (the sandpaper-like part of the shingle) can be blown away by the wind, as much as they can by hail. The first area that a roofer will inspect to see whether you are missing granules is your gutters since this is where the granules are most likely to have piled up over time. 
  • Curled shingles: Wind damage is more likely to occur along the roof’s edges and other pressure points. During a professional roof inspection, they will be looking for curling shingles, which indicates that the wind has taken hold of the shingles and started to peel them away. Shingles are designed to prevent water from penetrating a roof — however, if they become loose, this may result in water damage and rapid deterioration of the roof.
  • Missing shingles: The loss of entire shingles is one of the easiest ways to determine whether your roof has been damaged by wind. Have you noticed shingles in your yard or anywhere around your Hinsdale home? If so, you should contact a professional roofing repair company in Hinsdale, Illinois as soon as possible to assess the situation and identify what other potential issues may exist.
  • Damaged soffit or fascia: In the same manner as shingles do, soffit and fascia keep water away from the roof, which lowers the risk that it may develop a leak. If either the soffit or the fascia of your Hinsdale home sustains damage, it leaves your home susceptible to water. High winds can crack, loosen, and bend areas or even blow off loose fascia entirely.
  • Chimneys: Do you think your chimney may need a little straightening up? This should raise a red flag for you about a potential issue. Any experienced roofing repair company in Hinsdale, Illinois will notice missing spots of flashing, which breaks the seal around the chimney and allows water to enter your home. 
  • Leaks and indoor signs of roof damage: Going inside your home in Hinsdale to check for damage to the roof may seem counterintuitive, but the signs may be written on the walls. There is a good chance your roof is leaking if you see discoloration, wet spots, or flaking paint on the ceiling or walls.

Looking for a Professional Roofing Repair Company in Hinsdale, Illinois?

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