The weather in Geneva, Illinois can be harsh. Summers are warm and humid. Winters are not only long and freezing, but also very windy. Your roof is exposed to all the elements and can sustain damage from the harsh weather. When that happens, you can repair or replace your roof. Which brings us to the question: when is the right time to replace the roof on your Geneva, Illinois home? Here are a few tips from the residential roofing experts at Prusak Roofing Inc.

Your Roof Sheathing is Buckling

In an ideal world, your entire roof would look perfectly flat and even for many decades. But with the changing season and varying weather in Geneva, Illinois, your roof is under so much stress. A strong gust of wind or a snowstorm could chip away at your roof’s structural integrity. Even a simple leak that goes unchecked for a long time could have the same effect. When this happens, your roof will start to buckle.

If you start seeing dents in large areas of your roof, this could mean that your decking has sustained significant damage. At this point, your best option is to consider a replacement. Doing a repair to damage this significant would only offer a temporary solution.

There is Significant Staining and Algae Growth

Algae spores are carried by the wind and can land on your roof. If your roof remains moist for a long time, as it normally does in humid conditions, the spores could start growing. Left unchecked, it could really do a number on your roof. If you see that the algae growth and staining on your roof have become significant, you can have it cleaned by a Geneva roofing company. But there is a good chance that you might need replacement.

Your Ceiling Has Signs of Water Damage

Water damage on your ceiling is a clear sign that your roof is leaking. When this happens, you should have your roof inspected so you can find the source of the leak. Have a Geneva, Illinois roofing contractor inspect the underside, including all the beams. Once you find the leak and see that the damage is not extensive, you can have it repaired. Otherwise, you should consider a replacement.

The Flashing on Your Roof is Damaged or Missing

The flashing is an important part of your roof. It prevents water from seeping through at the joints and valleys on your roof, including your chimney, dormer, or skylight. If the flashing gets damaged, water could easily reach the structure beneath your roof and compromise your roof’s structural integrity. There are cases where the flashing is improperly installed, or worse, not installed at all.

The problem with a damaged or missing flashing is that it is not readily visible, which means that months and years could pass without you noticing it. By the time you realize the problem, it has caused significant damage to your roof. If you encounter this problem, you should seriously consider having your Geneva roof replaced, and having the flashing properly installed.

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