When you look at your Burr Ridge home, you may notice that some of its parts could use some attention. And when the part in question is your roof, it can be tricky to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Are you trying to determine whether you should invest in a new roof? To help you decide, this roof replacement company in Burr Ridge, Illinois is going to discuss four reasons to do so.

Increase your home’s value.

A new roof can increase the value of your Burr Ridge home if you plan to sell it within the next five years. Potential homebuyers care about the roof’s age since they know that an old roof will need replacement soon.

A new roof improves your home’s curb appeal, attracting the attention of potential homebuyers. But it can also increase the price you can get for it. In fact, a new roof can improve a home’s  value, with homeowners recovering more than 60% of their roof replacement costs.

Maintain insurance coverage.

Your roof age affects your home insurance coverage. Most insurers offer limited or no coverage for roofs that are 20 years or older. If your roof is reaching the 20-year mark, you should consider replacing it.

Before partnering with a roof replacement company in Burr Ridge, Illinois, you should check with your insurance provider to understand what is and is not covered. Most homeowners’ insurance plans will not pay to fix a roof that is failing due to normal wear and tear. Still, you can gain insight into what you will need for your new roof to maintain your insurance coverage.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency.

People have started to realize the importance of improving energy efficiency in their homes. Energy-efficient appliances, for example, can help a typical U.S. household save on electricity bills. Going green can help lower monthly bills, make living spaces more comfortable, and lower the “footprint” of those living in the home, making energy-efficient improvements attractive to everyone.

Roofing technology is also improving and becoming more energy-efficient. Because roof replacement companies in Burr Ridge, Illinois recommend installing a new roof every 20 years or so, chances are, technology has advanced significantly since you last replaced your roof. 

The roof has a major impact on the comfort levels of your home. It helps control how much heat enters and exits your home through the top. In other words, replacing your old roof can make regulating the temperature inside your home easier and more efficient.

Improve your home’s air quality.

Your roof keeps moisture out of your home and helps with climate control. Many homeowners start worrying about leaks and other water damage seeping through the roof as the roof ages. Leaks and moisture buildup with an aging roof can risk the health of those living in your home — especially if mold begins to grow. Mold can affect the air quality inside the home and be injurious to people’s health.

When you work with a roof replacement company in Burr Ridge, Illinois, you can keep moisture out of your home and improve your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ).

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